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Car Insurance For Teens – Cheap Rates Online

Reader question:

I have a 16-yr-old teen driver. How soon should I be getting them car insurance?


ASAP, Martha.

When it comes to teens and car insurance, the sooner and the more the better is what I say, and the American Insurance Association is inclined to agree. When they’re at such a young age, teenagers are not only subject to the more reckless behaviors of youth, but they also are new drivers who, though they may have passed their driving test with flying colors, are still very inexperienced on the road and not inclined to react correctly to more dangerous situations. Not to mention, they’re more like to be driving your car.

Because of these reasons, it’s the best idea to add your child to your insurance policy as soon as they get their license. You should notify your insurance company once your kid gets his permit, and then again once he gets his full license. In most states you’ll even be able to cover your child while he has just a learner’s permit under your policy.


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