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Car Insurance for the Day

There might come a time that one would need to have car insurance for the day – a form of 24 hour anticipated security. For example, one buys a new van or car and wishes to drive it home immediately. Or if one borrows a car from somebody else, like a close friend or a relative – this might entail to be the best form of insurance for those kinds of situations.

Car insurance for the day shouldn’t be expensive. It should be affordable while still having good provisions in case of damages. The situation requires only a very short time of protection and an annual plan is too costly and inappropriate for the situation (it could be done later; so for example if one really wants to take a newly purchased vehicle home, he could just avail of car insurance for the day – and not rush over an annual insurance plan). If other people are going to borrow your car as well, the same insurance plan can be utilized.

Since this is an easy plan, the policy may provide a lot of restrictions along the plan. For example, insurance companies will insist that the one who will obtain the day plan (who should also be the driver) should be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record (meaning no current penalty points). Not all companies do have this insurance though, but finding car insurance for the day is easy because a lot of them could be found and transacted over the Internet.

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