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What is auto insurance medical payment coverage?


Good question, Markel.

Auto insurance coverage has a lot of factors, from the repairs of your car to the replacement of a total lost to the protection of any property you damaged during an accident, be it another car or somebody’s mailbox. One of the very most important things that can be covered, though, is medical claims. Medical bills cost a lot and affect your ability to function in every facet of your life. If you have a serious injury, not having the right kind of coverage can wreak all kinds of havoc on your life. If your out of a car, you can always carpool. It’s not the same when you break your back.

That’s where medical payment coverage comes in, and it’s pretty self explanatory. It covers any costs from the hospital when you go into the emergency room after the accident, and also covers any further care that must be done in order to deal with the injury you sustained in the collision. Make sure you read your policy so that you know how much of this kind of coverage will be paid to you ahead of time. On the bright side, though, many insurance companies are now offering medical aid standard, so great benefits come with most coverage.

This will, of course, make your premium go up, but in order to offset this cost, shop around and get quotes from several companies. Make sure that the company you go with is reliable in paying medical claims, and contact the better business bureau to check their history before signing up.


Fashun Guadarrama.

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