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Car is Jerking

Hey there,

I have a Buick with about 200,000 miles on it. I took it to a shop to get my Manifold Intake Gasket Fixed, and I told them about my car having this jerking sensation. They said they would look at it but they never said a thing to me about it so I continued driving it, the jerking became worse until the car wouldn’t go any higher that 30 miles an hour.

Turns out I had a leak in my transmission, and I had been driving it without any oil. So I had someone rebuilt my transmission, the car now runs but the jerking is back, it has trouble shifting from 1st into 2nd gear. At about the 20mph mark the car kind of jerks like someone has a rope tied to the back of the car and is trying to pull me backwards.

Its not a strong jerk and it only pulls once, but it is always right at the 20mph, all of the other gears shift perfectly. I can’t seem to get a hold of the guy who fixed it. But I was wondering if you could be so nice as to tell me what could be wrong.

Do you think he could have not rebuilt the transmission right? Do you think If I got a transmission oil change it would help? When the guy gave me the car back he said I would need a transmission oil change in a month. I Spent a lot of money to get my transmission rebuilt and I don’t have much money left so if it is a serious problem do you know a simple and/or inexpensive way I could stop the jerking?



Hey there Crystal,

I don’t think changing the transmission fluid will have anything to do with this…..the fluid should be brand new. He suggested you change the fluid in a month just encase there are any metal shavings or any other dirt or debris that is still floating around inside the transmission from the repair.

I would think you could have a transmission adjustment problem, that any transmission shop can help adjust for you, or you might have an engine problem like a bad spark plug wire causing an engine missfire….which can feel like a transmission problem.

I would find another transmission shop and have one of the employees go for a ride around the block with you so they feel this problem. Hopefully this is just an adjustment issue which can be easily corrected.


Austin Davis


Follow Up Question

Okay I will let you know what the transmission people say.  I’m a little worried to drive it though, you don’t think it will die before I can get it somewhere do you? And if it does do you have a quick remedy I can use to at least get it to the shop? Ive heard trans-x works well for transmissions.

Hello Again Crystal

I’m afraid I cant really offer anything else….but DO NOT use ANY kind of additive in this transmission, they wont help, and you will void what ever warranty you have.

I do highly suggest you have the transmission fluid LEVEL checked and topped off with transmission fluid as needed.


Austin Davis

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