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Car Keeps Dying at Idle

My engine that runs fine under load. As soon as I come to an idle, the bugger dies. It restarts fine. Had a mechanic put it on the machine and they came up with a timing issue. Just replaced the timing belt and timing belt tensioner. Guess what, same darn thing. Frustrations are running very very high. Can you help?


Robin :)


Howdy Robin,

I would first clean the throttle body and idle control motor….or pay a mechanic $75-100 to clean them for you. When the throttle body gets dirty and full of carbon it will cause dying at stops or extended idling and erratic surging idle speeds. I would also look and listen for a vacuum leak somewhere under the hood. Double check all rubber vacuum lines and connections.

Here is a picture of a common throttle body…….not necessarily yours.


Austin Davis

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