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Car Insurance Liability Coverage for Commercial Drivers

Owner-operators of commercial vehicles are some of the people who have to be most concerned about auto insurance. After all, their job depends on having a running car and also being able to protect what their truck is hauling. So, while it’s a better idea to get more than just the basic liability on commercial trucks, liability is a start.

Commercial liability insurance covers commercial vehicles that are leased or owned by a business. Coverage generally includes coverage for damage and collision, as well as injury and wage loss. It’s a good idea to have these to protect your business and your well being if you get into an accident with a commercial vehicle.

Many of the bigger insurance companies will offer commercial truck insurance, and you can even get quotes from many of them online. Some companies, though, don’t offer online services, so looking for an insurer for a commercial vehicle may require more sweat than for just a regular car.


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