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Car Maintenance Schedule


How much would you say should be expected to pay in a 120,000 mile scheduled service for a Honda Accord? Thank you for your time.

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That is very hard to answer. Why?  The services and repairs needed at that mileage vary greatly.  I bet if you called 5 local shops and dealerships in your area you will get a different quote and probably a different list of items that will be inspected and replaced.


I have a 120,000 mile check out in which I charge $175 and for that price I inspect the brakes, the tires, the front end parts, the fuel system, change the oil and filter and do a minor tune up.

BUT during all those inspections I find that your car really need a brake job, two new tires, and a front end alignment and has a big oil leak.  Now the charges will be an additional $700 plus the $175.

If you ask the mechanic what they are really going to replace for the 120,000 maintenance service you might find that they really don’t REPLACE much, but they inspect everything.

It’s kind of a loss leader to get you in the door.  Advertise a low price for the initial scheduled maintenance then look the vehicle over with a fine tooth comb to sell additional services that are needed.

So, find out what is actually going to be done in the initial check out and compare that price with a few other local shops BUT be aware that you will probably need to do more work than the initial quote.

I made my own 120,000 maintenance schedules you might want to take a look at. You can print out the PDF and take it to your mechanic.  It’s a general schedule, but should give you some good coverage at a fair price.

Car Maintenance Schedules

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