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  • Amy Mead Davidson

    Changing timing belt on my 2005 Mitubuish Eclipse anyway to find a blue print to make sure gears are in the right placement

  • Winter_in_Vegas

    This one’s sure to stump you!
    2006 Dodge Magnum RT 5.7 HEMI awd custom ordered in 2005, one owner, 125K miles. So, as my luck would always have it, I have found myself in a predicament no one has ever heard of and probably never will again. The check engine light has gone out in the INSTRUMENT CLUSTER which is an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Yes, only the check engine light, every other light works perfectly fine. -_- sigh… I have been in touch with every Dodge dealership in Nevada looking for a replacement part only to be told by all that Chrysler discontinued the part I need and no longer even has it in stock! I have purchased 2 clusters from eBay and 1 from moparpartsgiant website but neither worked with my steering wheel buttons to allow access to the onboard information system, and the website order was cancelled because they no longer had it in stock even though the website said they did. I’ve checked junkyards only to be refused access or not find what I am looking for. I have even contacted companies who specialize in repairing instrument clusters only to be told mine is one they can’t fix. The issue is causing the car to FAIL SMOG and thus prohibiting me from registering my car.
    Who can help me? I am out of ideas… I’ve resulted to tears…

  • Joyvelyn Wynkoop

    I have a town country van driver side is warm air right is cold if i put heat its hot on both side.

  • John Parfait

    When you say “put the K&W block seal in a bucket and mix it up” do you mean mix it with water or just mix the the product?

  • Alan

    dealer states I need a new rear main seal and front crank seal. Not seeing any spots on the driveway or any parking spaces. Could it just be a usage issue, or maybe I need to change the oil on a more frequent basis, or check the level more often? Dealer cost for these 2 is about $1300, don’t have that kind of cash

  • Sean M Reddington

    I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra that the RPMs go up and down in park. The check engine light is also on.

  • Thank you!

  • Christine Wilcox Sibona

    I have a ’97 Audi with about 120K miles on it. It’s been a great car and we just had 4 new tires put on it. When exiting our driveway, I heard a loud bang followed by a consistent rattle in the passenger side rear tire area. What could it be? A strut? Is it safe to drive to a mechanic or should I tow it?

  • Jerry

    Hi Austin,

    You are doing a wonderful job by running this forum.

    We find very useful information for training purpose.

    Keep you good work going.



  • Alwin Mcewen

    Hi, I have a 5 speed 2005 kia spectra5. I need to replace the shifter cables. What will I have to remove to gain access to the bolts holding rubber grombit on the inside of the firewall?

  • mike

    my 91 Chevy blew out the dipstick,pcv valve,and valve cover gasket. what the cause of this?