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Car Repair Maintence Schedule

Hi Austin,

I need your advise on something. I had recently purchased a GMC Yukon. The car has been imported from USA and it has 88k miles on it. I don’t know the maintenance history of this car and I had no experience on GMC trucks before, hence can you please guide me what
things (which oils, (engine/transmission/differential/transfer case), filters etc.) shall I check and change in this vehicle to start a fresh
history for the car. Also, can I use Mobil 1 synthetic oil in this engine.

Your important advice will help me and acting upon your advise will give me peace of mind. Also I will appreciate your early response as I want to do all the checks and changes as you will advise before I start driving this car.

Best Regards



Hey there Rashid,

Have you seen my 80,000 mile auto maintenance schedules yet? Here is one closest to your mileage.

Since you do not know the maintenance history of this vehicle, I would service the transmission fluid and filter, flush and fill the cooling system, change the differential and transfer case oils, and install a new fuel filter and spark plugs….and if this engine has the old fashioned spark plug wires, I would replace them as well with the new spark plugs.

I would also remove the wheels and inspect the brakes, and rotate and balance the tires while I had them off the vehicle. SUV tires wear differently than smaller car tires, so you will want to keep them rotated and balanced more often….like every 10,000 miles.

Yes you can use Mobile 1, that is good oil and will be perfect for this vehicle.

This is a great vehicle….fun to drive, easy to work on and dependable….just not very good on fuel mileage. :-(


Austin Davis

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