Car Runs Bad and Engine Misses

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My Buick has 124k miles on it and is absolutely immaculate! the only problem is it sputters occasionally but mainly when going up a hill or when a/c is on. we have changed the spark plugs and fuel filter with one mechanic.

Another put it on computer diagnostic and said it was getting a error on some sort of transmission sensor, but that all the parts checked out okay. he cleared the error message and wanted me to drive it to see if comes back? It feels like the car is out of timing or maybe and o2 sensor problem, any suggestions or questions?

thanks Laura

Hi there Laura

Laura, The very first thing I would look at would be the spark plug WIRES. If they have more than 50,000 miles on them….replace them as maintenance anyway.

The problem you describe could very well be an engine misfire, and a bad or worn out spark plug wire could be your problem. Read this, for more info about a similar problem

Auto Repair – Transmission or Spark Plug Wire Failure?

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