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Car Runs Bad and Hard To Start

Hello, Thanks for the website I am sure its helped thousands of people like me. Yesterday I decided to give my VW a tune-up myself. I ordered all of the parts, sparks, cables, cap & rotor. I was a piece of cake.

I had a 2001 BMW 323i and i used to give that a tune up w/o any problems. When I put everything back together, the car wouldn’t start. After a few tries, the car started but the engine was of beat, and it seems not to have enough power to take off.

My only concern would be…Did I put the cables back in the same order? I thought I made sure I did, But you never know. Could you please help me, maybe with some pictures, clockwise, counter-clock wise…could you let me know what the order of the cables is?

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Hey there Alejandro

You probably have the firing order off (spark plug wire on the wrong spark plug), but before you do anything I would remove the spark plugs one at a time so you don’t get the wires confused more than they could be now and check to make sure you did not bend the spark plug electrode down when you installed the plugs.

Sometimes the spark plugs hit the engine or exhaust manifold when you try to install them and it will bend the grounding electrode causing it to hit the center of the spark plug.

I did not find a picture, but found this firing order and spark plug gap information for a Jetta

4 Cylinders Firing Order on distributor 1342 Sparkplug gap .024

If you need a manual, I recommend Alldata or Mitchell

Auto Repair Manuals


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