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Car Runs Bad – Head Gasket Problem?

Hi my name is Frank,

I am about to buy a Nissan from my friend. At the moment the engine can start, but it doesn’t run properly, after a little while it dies, too much air is beeing fed to the motor, is this a head gasket problem or a piston problem, I called a few mechanics specializing in JDM motors, they told me they need to take a look at it, the car is too low to put on a flat bed, wich makes it hard for me to carry it around, I dunno how much it could cost me jsut for a mechanic to take a look at it, and waht the problem is I was wondering if u might know the problem, before I start carrying it from shop to shop,

ps: i’ve done a few head gasket on few of my friend’s car, if that is the problem i can jsut buy one and do it myself,



Hey Frank,

I would really need to see this vehicle in person as well to be sure what is happening. Personally I would NOT buy this vehicle….it’s too old, and it has a turbo…..which is probably part of the current problem. Most turbos work great the first few years, but you don’t see to many older turbo engines on the road…..for a reason, they wear out!

There are WAY too many good used cars on the market right now to take on a project like this. I could probably do a better job of spending your hard earned money. :-(


Austin Davis

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