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Car Runs Bad in Hot Weather

Reader Question
My problem is when the outside temperature gets into the 90’s and I drive my car for a couple of hours, it starts to buck like I’m taking my foot on and off the accelerator.

When the temp outside is in the 80’s or below I don’t have a problem. No check engine light,no codes.I am stumped. I have replaced plugs,wires,O2 sensors,cam sensor,crank sensor,EGR press sensor. I am at a loss.Possible fuel pump??

Thank you for any help you can give me.


Hello there!

Yes, I would tend to think this could be more of a lack of fuel pressure problem.  Usually a lack of pressure will not show a code and can be very hard to track down.  Although I would NOT just run out and replace the pump on a guess…too expensive for that.

I would borrow a manual fuel pressure gauge from your local auto parts store and see if you can catch the problem in the act to prove it is the pump.

Also, fuel pumps tend to fail once they get hot, so just a little more ammo that says this could be fuel pump related.

Austin Davis

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