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Car Shakes Over 50 MPH

car shakes when driving over 50 mphMr. Austin I am so thankful to have found your website today it has been very helpful to me.  I have a question for you that I do not see you have already answered. My car shakes when I drive over 50 MPH, what do you think could be the reason for this?



Hey there Louis

Thanks for the kind words. I would suspect you have a very loose inner hagelshaft connecting torsion rod that is about to fall off and cause serious damage to everyone around you on the road.

Ok, I’m jokin….not EVERYONE around you, just YOU.  OK ok ok, I’m still jokin…I have to try and make car repair questions fun every now and then.

What is probably happening is you have a tire or tires that are out of balance. If the shaking and shimmy feeling is there at 50MPH, but seems to get better or goes away at say 70MPH then a tire rotation and balancing is what I would recommend you do first.

Visit your local Walmart, Discount tire etc. and get them to inspect the tires for excessive wear first, then if they are in decent shape have them rotate and balance all 4 tires.

If you have excessive wear on one or more tires consider replacing them now and having the front end alignment checked out.

Tires worn on BOTH outside edges usually means the tire was under inflated with air

Tires worn in the center of the tread is due to over inflation of air

1 tire that is worn out more than the others is usually an alignment issue, or 2 front tires worn more than the rear tires would indicate an alignment problem.

I made this video about tire wear you might find helpful

And this video talking about wheel balance problems and tire shimmy and shaking at freeway speeds.

Austin Davis

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  • Leon Cruise

    Experienced the same thing with my car. I thought the tires were just worn out, so I bought a set of Toyo tires. It turned out to be just in need of camber alignment.

  • Michael

    For me, it was tie rods that needed to be replaced. First, I replaced the tires, but they continued wearing unevenly.