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Car Specific Insurance Discounts

Reader question:

What kind of discounts can you get for different types of cars?


There’s a lot, Xochitl.

  • New car. If you’re insuring a car that has never been titled before, lots of insurance companies will give you lower rates because of this. This is a big help, because when you’re making payments on a car you normally have to go for a higher amount of coverage than you normally would anyway, so it lessens the blow of higher premiums for full coverage.
  • Economic car. Not only are cars that use less gas usually cheaper, and thus easier to fix and replace, but statistics show that people who drive them tend to get in fewer wrecks than people who drive other vehicles. Because of this, lots of insurance companies will give discounts if you drive an economical car, making things even more economical for you!
  • Utility discount. This discount is for available from certain car insurance companies for different kinds of pickup trucks. Compare quotes among agencies and call them up to find out if your pickup truck falls into this category.
  • Highly rated cars. Cars with high ratings can receive discounts on car insurance. These ratings state the probability of a car to be wrecked or stolen, among other things, and ratings vary among types of cars.

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