Car Stalls At Slow Speeds – Why?

Sometimes when I brake to stop my car will stall out. The oil light comes and the battery light comes on. My battery is less than a year old. The mechanic I took it to could not find anything wrong with it. He did do a diagnostic test on my car.

The only thing he said it could be was maybe the igition wires, so I replaced those. My car has been fine until yesterday afternoon my car did it again. When the car does stall out it starts up again. I need good advice especially since I am a woman.



Howdy Liz,

I really need more information to determine what is going wrong with your car, but I can give you a suggestion to ask your mechanic. Have your mechanic inspect and clean the throttle body and the idle control motor. When these parts get dirty with carbon and debris they will cause erratic idle and dying at stops and low speed complaints.

This is a simple and easy to perform procedure and really should be done periodically as maintenance anyway. Normal cost for this service should be about $100.

This is what a common throttle body looks like

Andi birthday 032

A dirty throttle body

Picture 209

A clean throttle body!!

Austin Davis

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