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Car Starts But Won’t Stay Running

Maintaining a car can be tedious and expensive especially if you do not know how to trouble shoot it. Often your initial course of action is to bring it to an auto mechanic and leave everything to him. Don’t you know that it is advisable for you to do the initial trouble shooting first? This is true because for all you know, you can do the repairing and fixing yourself. The most common trouble that one may encounter with his car it when the car starts but won’t stay running

If your car is hascarburator, there are a lot of possible causes why your car starts but won’t stay running. Let us go over the possible causes one by one:

  • Choke problem.This is the possible cause of the trouble if the engine stops while you depress the accelerator from neutral position. To address this you have to ask your mechanic to replace the choke. Usually the choke comes with the carburetor so you have to have the whole carburetor replaced.
  • Choke is stuck in the open position. When your car starts but won’t stay running only during cold weather the choke of your car is just stuck in the open position.  A Simple choke cleaner is what you need to fix it.

Defective fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter. If your car starts but won’t stay running even if the engine is not cold, the possible cause may be a defective fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter. A defective pump fuel or a clogged fuel filter cannot provide a steady amount of fuel to the carburetor or totally prevents the flow of gas to the carburetor. You have to have the fuel filter replaced or the fuel changed.

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