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Hey Austin, love your site man you have put in a ton of work and it shows your love to help people.

I have a Ford F150 and it will start and die mostly when the engine is hot and I have been driving awhile. What do you think it is?


Hey there Ronnie,

Thanks for the kind words, I love to help people in need.

I would first start with cleaning the throttle body and see how that changes things. I have an F150 as well and I took this video of me cleaning my dirty throttle body, which greatly improves idle speed and hot starting.

Austin Davis

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  • Austin Davis

    Thanks for your comment Evan, glad you found it helpful to you today.

  • Evan R.

    As our truck gets older, I have been saving these tips and jotting them down. Now I know where to look and a little bit about diagnosing (or at least trying to) before I take it to a garage. I can fix some things on my own. Thanks for the video. I always need visuals!