Car Turns Over But Won’t Start

car turns over but wont startI put a new crank shaft position sensor, new engine computer, new fuel pump and sending unit, and it still runs only if I pour gas in the air filter tube thing.

I have also changed the ignition coil pack three times and it still does the same thing.



Howdy Hank, 

Sounds like your ignition system is working and you do have a spark at the spark plugs…so I can only assume you are not getting fuel from your pump. Since the pump is new, I would back up and check the fuel pump relay and fuses.

The relay MAY be up near the passenger headlight area. I don’t know what kind of vehicle this is. Use a voltmeter to see if you have power going to your fuel pump…if no power, follow the wires from the pump forward under the hood until you find the relay. Also check fuses, you probably have a separate fuel pump fuse as well.

When you cycle the ignition key to the ON position you should be able to hear the whine of the fuel pump inside the gas tank for 2-3 second. If you don’t hear the pump there is a problem with the pump itself or it is not getting power.

As with any “no start” BUT engine cranks over complaint you have to find out what is missing. Spark, fuel pressure or compression.

Spark Items – crankshaft position sensors, camshaft position sensors, ignition coils and ignition modules, spark plug wires, spark plugs

Fuel Pressure – fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay or fuse, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injectors

Compression – timing chain or rubber belt, cylinder head valve problem, internal engine damage to pistons and or piston rings.

I like to start with the easy stuff in this order.

1. Check for spark to each spark plug
2. Use a fuel pressure gauge and check fuel pressure AT the engine
3. Compression test each cylinder to make sure all are uniform

This should give you a direction in which way to go from there.

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  • Anonymous

    I had the same issue, and it was a wire going to my fuel pump that had been cut somehow. I repaired the wire and it works now.