Car Vandalism – How to Protect my Car

I think I’ve crossed the wrong crowd the wrong way.

They’ve been breaking into my car and doing things to my brakes and accelerator. I haven’t reported it because I think if they do it enough times I can just catch them at it. I also heard that someone else that crossed them the wrong way somehow had their accelerator messed with so that the car did not stop until it ran headlong into a tree at 70+ mph.

I do not want that to happen to me.

What can I do to daily check for within my car before I drive it to know that it has not been messed with?

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Oh My that is horrible!!

Do you have a car alarm, with a siren that goes off? I would HIGHLY recommend you get an alarm that will go off when the doors or window are tampered with. You can get a pretty inexpensive remote control system usually less than $200. I would do this first.

You don’t want people to have access to the inside of your vehicle or under your hood. Most alarms systems (talking about an aftermarket alarm from a car stereo and car alarm shop…not an alarm from the car manufacturer) will disable the ignition system and sound the alarm anytime someone opens a door, breaks a window or opens the hood.

Someone COULD do something from underneath the vehicle….like cut a brake hose or brake line…..but that should be apparent to you when you apply the brake pedal. I suppose someone could also attach a spring to the throttle cable from under the vehicle, which would hold the accelerator open at full throttle.

If this was the case though the engine RPMS would race out of control as soon as you started the engine. I would also make sure you have a locking gas cap.

Adding sugar or dirt to your fuel tank is a common practice among vandals, and it can REALLY mess things up! You can buy a locking fuel cap at any auto parts store. I would also make a walk around inspection of the vehicle before you just take off to work each morning.

I would look for, hood being loose or signs of forced hood entry, hubcaps that look like they have been removed and lug nuts holding the wheels on possibly loosened, any fluid leaks under the vehicle especially around the inside of the tires where the brake lines and hoses are.

I am so sorry this is happening to you, I hope and pray that this stops immediately.


Austin Davis

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  • Austin Davis

    Probably not, since you would have to gain access to the hood release from inside the car to open the hood. Why would they spend there time on something so small like this, why not cut your radiator hose in half, or poke a hole in the radiator if they really wanted to be mischief kids.

    I would have your mechanic do a cooling system pressure test on each vehicle the next time you get an oil change. This will determine if you have an external coolant leak somewhere that is not visible with the naked eye. its a cheap and fast test.

    Also, if the engine is overheating it will boil over the coolant through the overflow bottle and on to the ground. I would make sure the engine is not running hotter than normal when you shut it off. Might be hard to figure that out if you do not have a temp gauge.

    Also also, make sure the fluid you see on the ground is not water from the A/C drain which will be on the passenger side of the vehicle. Water on the concrete will dry quickly, but COOLANT will dry slowly and leave an oily residue on the concrete you can feel with your fingers.

  • Shelly Henderson

    We have had some odd coincidences with our vehicles lately. Both our SUV and Pickup at almost the same time had loss of radiator fluid. The SUV’s Light came on indicating low fluid. The small P/U has no light so being we check levels often and saw no leaks it overheated. Now about a month later my son received a car that has been well maintained by his grandparents and while parked about a quarter cup to a half a cup or 16 oz. of fluid leaked out. Since then nothing has leaked. radiator was full overflow was down about the amounts listed above after the leak. No fluid loss since. It just seems odd that all three vehicles having issues with cooling at near same time. We have had problems with neighbors before but thought it was over. I saw one try to key my vehicle in my driveway during the day but never actually saw damage. May have just wanted me to think they did acting like they pulled something out of their pocket. One had a wooden dowel from a closet and when we opened our garage door ran off but I saw this kid from window and I am sure from way they were acting was trying to hit back of my vehicle. They are teens. I find rocks in driveway by cars all the time. Police said kids will be kids. Could they do something to cause this?