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Car Will Not Shift Gears or Move

I’ve got a Ford Escort with an automatic transmission. I just had the tranny rebuilt. After installing the newly rebuilt transmission it initially would not move forward without revving the engine to a high rpm. After adding more ATF it would start moving more smoothly but it still was far from perfect. At some point this testing period something happened to the transmission so that the car starts going forward without the high revving but it will not go in reverse or in neutral.

When you put the gearshift in Drive, reverse or neutral it’s still moves forward. Sometimes when the gearshift in in reverse and the car is moving forward it will stop suddenly and go into what feels like “park”. I checked the shift cable and it works correctly so this is some problem internal to the transmission.

After looking at forums specific to the car people with a similar problem were told that the transmission is toast due to the reverse and neutral gears meshing with the drive gear. Am I to blame as the person who installed the transmission or should the tranny shop that rebuilt the transmission pay for a mechanic to pull the transmission, rebuild it again, and install it.

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Hey there,

First off I am not an automatic transmission mechanic….we send out that kind of work to a local transmission repair shop.

There really is not much externally that can be to blame for this situation…so my best guess without seeing this vehicle in person would be to say you have an internal problem and it is probably the fault of the rebuilding shop…not your installation.

Having to rev the engine to get the transmission to move sounds like a worn out hydraulic front pump or something is really wrong with the gears themselves. If you told me you had this problem, and did not tell me you just had the transmission overhauled…I would tell you it is time for a transmission overhaul.

You might have to pull this transmission yourself and send it to the shop….since you installed it…they will probably require you to remove and reinstall it again. Just depends on what kind of mood they are in or how much you scream at them I guess :). I would NOT let them even THINK for a second that you have never installed a transmission before or that you would suspect your perfect installation job to be a possible culprit.

Keep me posted as to what happens will ya?


Austin Davis

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