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Car Won’t Go In Reverse!

car wont move in reverseI have a Toyota I just recently purchased from my aunt, here’s the problem the car drives awesome while is driving forward, it’s automatic by the way. the mounts feel good too, the fluid does not seem bad at all, but when you put it in reverse it goes into reverse but it will drive really slow even if you step on the accelerator it might not move that much, don’t even think about going up a step while in reverse it won’t have the power.
It feels like when u put a car in 3 gear & try to accelerate. What should i look into? could there be a sensor i should look into? or simply change the fluid completely & maybe ad some Lucas? Anyways thanx….

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If the engine RPMs are going way up when you give it gas but the car is not moving or not moving as fast as it should at those RPMs then the transmission is slipping inside. If the fluid is full there is not much you can do except overhaul it.

I would visit your local transmission shop and get their opinion on what to do next.  If this vehicle has over 100,000 miles…it’s probably overhaul time.  If not that many miles then maybe just a new reverse clutch kit.  An additive might help a little bit, but won’t fix it. Visit your local auto parts and get a transmission friction additive, like Lucas and see if it helps, but it won’t for very long.

Don’t just run out and change the fluid either. That old fluid is dirty and gritty which is acting like liquid sandpaper giving the clutches friction to pull the vehicle along. If you remove the gritty friction fluid you will probably not move forward either. Have your local transmission shop drive it with you and get their opinion first before flushing or changing the old fluid.

Reverse gear is usually the first gear to show signs of excessive internal wear.

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  • Marcella Thorpe-Mayers

    I have a Toyota corolla AE110 with an A240L transmission, when I select drive it goes forward and change in all the gears, but when reverse is selected there is a howling noise which starts high pitch then decreases and the reverse gear selects.
    when I accelerate the howling increases and the vehicle will start to reverse very slow. The howling doesn’t occur in drive.

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    thanks for having a site like this, it helps me a lot. thank you and more power.. pls.keep on going.