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Car Won’t Start After Going Over Bump

car wont startMy car went over a speed bump going 30mph, and immediately died. At the same time the engine light came on. It won’t restart. The engine light came on for a few days last week, but went off after a few days.The car has been driven by a little old lady only. It has about 80,000 miles.



Hi there Barbara
Lets make sure the fuel pump shut off switch did not accidentally activate itself. I think the fuel pump “inertia” shut off switch on your vehicle is located on the left side (driver side) of the trunk. Look and see if you can find the panel and reset the switch.

Get back with me if this is not the problem.

Reader Follow Up

Thank you for responding. I was told by my “shade tree” mechanic that he tried resetting the button you mentioned. He finally reset the computer and it started up. I am told that it is running extremely rough, and that I must perform a “drive in cycle”. It sounds messed up to me. I am afraid that he has done irreversible damage, I don’t know. Does any of this sound appropriate? Thanks again for your time.

Hello again Barbara

Does sound a little bit shady to me as well but sometimes after you disconnect the computer you need to drive around the block and over 40mph to help get the computer back inline.

Try it and see what happens. If you still have trouble I would get a second opinion from another mechanic. Could just be a loose wire or rubber vacuum hose under the hood.

Depending on the year of this vehicle you might have a fuel pump relay located under the hood on the passenger side. There are two identical looking relays, one is for main power and the other for the fuel pump.  When you turn the ignition key to the ON position you should hear the whine of the fuel pump inside the tank. If not, check the relay…then the pump itself.

Austin Davis

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