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Car Wont Start Clicking Noise

Most of the time, owning cars comes in handy. However, the reality is, not all car owners know much about how to fix cars when problem arises. A common problem that many do not know how to handle is when the car won’t start and a clicking noise is made. When this happens, if you are unfamiliar with cars, you may assume that the clicking noises mean that the engine is dead. However, this is not the case. There is a problem with your car, but it is not the engine. Luckily, the repair needed costs less.

When a car won’t start and a clicking noise is made instead, the problem is not because the engine is frozen up. The actual problem lies in the starter assembly of your car. If not, there are other reasons why these clicking noises are made. One of the simplest things that cause this problem is that the battery is not charged or if the battery cable hook-ups are corroded. If the reason is neither the battery nor its hook-ups, the problem may be the solenoid. It is the switch responsible for turning the starter on and off. If the solenoid is working perfectly, the problem may then be the starter itself.

The mentioned reasons for clicking noises can be repaired easily, and the repair is cheap as well. The next time you encounter this problem, when your car wont start clicking noise is made, you know that this is easily solved. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your engine and so on.

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