Car Won’t Start Sometimes – Battery Dead?

Greetings Austin,

I have an ongoing problem with my car. It failed to start without a jump several times and then it failed to start period. I charged the Battery, cleaned the cables, and “ohmed-out” the cables as well (1.2-1.4 ohms).

I bench tested the starter and found it to be No Good, the windings seeming to be the issue…I got a replacement, bench tested it and found it NG too!!!!

Another one and still NG!! I had the guys at CSK test it before I left and they said it’s good. Argh!

Before I pull out the rest of my hair, any thoughts?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Yours Truly,


Hey there Scott

When you say failed to start, I am assuming you mean the battery was dead and you did not have enough electrical power to spin the engine over, BUT if you charge the battery or jumpstart the battery the engine starts up just fine.

If this is the case, I would REPLACE the battery FIRST. Your battery probably fails a “load test” but might show 14V if you just tested it with a meter, but that voltage probably drops to nothing soon as a load is placed on it, like engaging the starter motor.

If you still have problems, I would double check my cables and grounds and try another starter manufacturer and supplier.


Austin Davis

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