Catalytic Converter Failure

I stopped in to say hello to my fellow auto repair technician, Walter the other day and found something that I had personally not seen before…a completely disintegrated catalytic converter.

This repair was being done on a Chevy truck. The truck was experiencing loss of power and a check engine light was on. The loss of power was due to the inside of the converters totally destroyed and turned into an ash like powder.

This ash was restricting the flow of exhaust from the engine, kinda like jogging with your nose pinched closed. The exhaust system was restricted with this ash and not allowing the engine to breathe so to speak.

I HAVE seen chunks of the internal parts of the converter come apart before but never seen anything like this…watch the video and you will see what I am talking about.


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  • Austin Davis

    Yep, I have never seen one do that before either. Crazy is right….expensive crazy.

  • Arnold

    Wow, I can’t believe it was reduced to powder. That’s crazy! We had issues with our CC on my old Saturn L200. I was driving and the car just stopped and the check engine light came on. They also had to replace the o2 sensor as well with it (not sure if that’s standard practice or not but the repair shop said one will “trigger” the other and at the time it was under warranty).