Auto Insurance – Best Cars For Lowest Rates

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Which Car Has The Lowest Car Insurance Rates

Reader question: How does my car model affect my car insurance rates? Tim Great question. It’s common knowledge that driving certain kinds of cars will most likely make your insurance rates go up. Cars like flashly sports cars and luxury vehicles, things that are more likely to encourage theft or reckless driving, place you in […]

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Best New Car Insurance – How To Get Cheap Rates

Reader question: What’s the difference between insurance for a new car and an old car? Oliver The difference isn’t a big one, but it can be important. It’s like this. They’re both cars, they might even be the same kind of car, the only difference being the year, but your view of them is completely […]

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What Is The Best Car Insurance Company

Reader question: How do you know if a car insurance company is a good one or not? Lillith That’s an important question to ask, Lillith. Sometimes, you don’t know. Many companies can appear to be wonderful in every way on the outside, offer you great quotes, give you several discounts and smile the whole time, […]

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The Cheapest Auto Insurance – If You Don’t Have Claims

It’s hurricane season, and in some (remote) parts of the country it’s still a little closer to winter time. When it’s a time that involves more dangerous weather, more accidents happen and as a result people have to pay a lot more for their car insurance. So, it’s better to know what to do ahead […]

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Car Insurance Costs More for Certain Types of Cars

Reader question: What types of cars have the worst car insurance rates? Jules Good question. Everyone knows that the type of rates you’ll get on your insurance largely depend on the type of car you have. The flashier, usually, the worse, but even if you have a junky old BMW from the 1980s, you could […]

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Car Specific Insurance Discounts

Reader question: What kind of discounts can you get for different types of cars? Xochitl There’s a lot, Xochitl. New car. If you’re insuring a car that has never been titled before, lots of insurance companies will give you lower rates because of this. This is a big help, because when you’re making payments on […]