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Dangers Of Driving a Smart Car in The United States
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Dangers Of Driving a Smart Car in The United States

Just when you think you are doing the right thing for the environment and your wallet! I would love to have and drive one of those small “smart cars” that seem to be getting more and more popular these days. My wife could be able to park in a parking lot a little easier and […]

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How to make a deal when buying your new car

Reader question: I’ve always bought my cars for the price offered, but I have a friend who recently got her car dealership to lower the price of the car she was buying after negotiating. I had no idea you can do this? How can I haggle for a good deal on my new car? Tyler […]

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Crash Tests and Car Insurance Rates

Reader question: Where can I get the results of crash tests? Caleb It’s easy. Car insurance companies use a lot of factors when deciding how high your premium rates will be, and one of the main factors is your car. A lot of the aspects of your car are taken into consideration, including how new […]

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New Car Insurance – Best Rates and Options

Reader question: Do my car insurance rates change if I buy a new car? London Usually. One of the main reasons that car insurance rates go up is a pretty simple one. Financiers require you to have more coverage on a car you have a loan on, in order to cover their own backs, and […]

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Best New Car Insurance – How To Get Cheap Rates

Reader question: What’s the difference between insurance for a new car and an old car? Oliver The difference isn’t a big one, but it can be important. It’s like this. They’re both cars, they might even be the same kind of car, the only difference being the year, but your view of them is completely […]