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Car Insurance for Teens With Learner’s Permit

Reader question: Can I add my teen daughter to our car insurance policy while she still has her learner’s permit? Ellen Yes, you can, Ellen. Most insurance companies will cover young drivers who still have not obtained their driver’s license, but the cost is steep, sometimes as much as 200% more than an adult’s. This […]

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Car Insurance For Teens – Cheap Rates Online

Reader question: I have a 16-yr-old teen driver. How soon should I be getting them car insurance? Martha ASAP, Martha. When it comes to teens and car insurance, the sooner and the more the better is what I say, and the American Insurance Association is inclined to agree. When they’re at such a young age, […]

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Safe Cars for Teen Drivers and Your Car Insurance Policy

Reader question: My teenage daughter just got her license so we’re looking for a car. We want something safe, but also something that won’t hurt our insurance rates to much. Any advice? Sharon It’s important to get your kid into a safe car. Lots of parents fret when their teenager comes to that time in […]