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Motor Insurance

Reader Question: Austin, I have seen on a few sites the reference to “motor insurance” is that like the motor under my hood? Can I buy insurance on the motor?? Is this the same as an extended warranty policy? Rennee, Denver CO   Hello Rennee, I would assume that most people who use the phrase […]

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Limited Use Auto Insurance Quotes

Reader Question Question… Why do people have to insure cars trucks etc. when they aren’t driving them? I have 3 vehicles (yes I need all three) and I pay insurance on them even when I can only drive 1 at a time. Albert   Hey Albert, they do offer “limited use” car insurance, which will […]

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Comprehensive and collision coverage

Reader question: What kind of coverage pays for what kind of damage to my car? Eva Great question, Eva. Auto insurance policies are broken down into several different types of coverages, which cover many different things. There are the coverages which deal with damages to your vehicle, those that handle injuries you or passengers in […]

Cheap car insurance collision coverage

Reader question: How do you keep the cost of collision coverage down? James That’s a good question. Car insurance costs a lost of money, and it costs even more if you go for fuller coverage by adding such options as collision or comprehensive coverage to your policy. These will automatically give a jump to the […]