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Auto Repair Insurance Coverage

Accidents can be cruel, however, repairing your vehicle due to accident can be a lot worse. It’s a good thing there’s auto repair coverage that can help us repair or vehicle and get back on the road asap. Auto repair coverage helps you to repair your vehicle when you need it. Basic Auto Repair Coverage […]

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What Happens if My SR-22 Auto Insurance is Canceled

Reader Question: What happens if my SR-22 auto insurance is canceled? Bill, Dallas TX   Yo Bill, To the best of my knowledge, after the (DPS) Texas Department of Public Safety gets notification from your issuing SR22 auto insurance company that your policy has been canceled or terminated, or has lapsed they will take appropriate […]

Car insurance in other states

Reader question: I’m going to be moving to another state, but just for a short period of time. Do I have to get car insurance coverage in that state while I’m there? Noah Good question. It really depends on how long you’ll be there. If you’re only going to be living there for a very […]

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Crash Tests and Car Insurance Rates

Reader question: Where can I get the results of crash tests? Caleb It’s easy. Car insurance companies use a lot of factors when deciding how high your premium rates will be, and one of the main factors is your car. A lot of the aspects of your car are taken into consideration, including how new […]

Car insurance claim checks

Reader question: I just got into a car accident and want to know how the insurance company will make the check for my claim? Samuel Jumping a little ahead of things, Samuel. Filing and processing a claim takes time, so don’t expect to get that check right away. I know we’d all like, after getting […]

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Comprehensive and collision coverage

Reader question: What kind of coverage pays for what kind of damage to my car? Eva Great question, Eva. Auto insurance policies are broken down into several different types of coverages, which cover many different things. There are the coverages which deal with damages to your vehicle, those that handle injuries you or passengers in […]

Cheap car insurance collision coverage

Reader question: How do you keep the cost of collision coverage down? James That’s a good question. Car insurance costs a lost of money, and it costs even more if you go for fuller coverage by adding such options as collision or comprehensive coverage to your policy. These will automatically give a jump to the […]

Car insurance rates and speeding tickets

Reader question: My car insurance rates are going because I got caught in a speed trap and ticketed. How do I avoid that? Vicky Great question. Those speed traps are tricky, aren’t they? I have one near my house that I will avoid by going an even longer way around, just because it annoys me […]

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Car insurance ratings based on crash ratings

Car insurance companies go by statistics, and statistics that get in fewer car accidents or are less damaged when they do are more likely to make them happy. For this reason, if you have a car that is considered safe, you’re more likely to get lower rates on your car insurance premium because of it. […]

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Car insurance policy cancellations

Reader question: What could cause my auto insurance policy to be cancelled? Lucius Great question. There are several reasons why your car insurance policy might be cancelled, and you want to avoid all of them. Mainly this is because being without auto insurance can be disastrous, not only because you could get into an accident […]

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