Battery – Alternator

Truck Won’t Start – Battery Dead

Truck Won’t Start – Battery Dead

Hi we purchased a Ford Explorer and on the first day we brought it home parked it then went to go out it wouldn’t start, after getting a boost we took it back to the dealer. He replaced the alternator so we took it back home and it wouldn’t start again, so we again got […]

Alternators Keep Going Out

Alternators Keep Going Out

I have a Nissan Maxima and have put two remanufactured alternators in it this week, and after starting the car they got really hot and burnt out within 3 minutes any ideas? Hi there, Usually when this type of thing happens it is due to a faulty alternator. I would recommend you buy a difference […]

Symptoms of a Bad Alternator

Reader Question Hi Austin, I think I might have a bad alternator in my car. Can you tell me what the common symptoms of a bad alternator might and how I can check it myself? Danny Hello there Danny, thanks for your question. What should volts and amps be?: A correctly operating Alternator should read […]

Battery Keeps Going Dead

It’s me again sir, It seems like both of my Ford vehicles want to act up right now…..My 2003 Ford Taurus SE battery died yesterday. I recharged the battery and it is dead again today. I jumped the car to get it started and it started with no problem….when I took off the battery cable […]

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Battery Dead – Engine Won’t Start Now

Hello sir, Ive had three Chevy Camaro’s and never had the problem that my friend is having with his 2001 Pontiac trans am… the battery and alternator are good. The only thing that i could think of is that it could be the starter but it has not given me any reason to think so… […]