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Adding Brake Fluid to Clutch Master Cylinder

Today, in many of the manual transmission vehicles the clutch is engaged by a hydraulic system almost identical to the hydraulic brake system. The hydraulic fluid is inside the master cylinder is pressurized when the clutch is sinking. This pressurized fluid causes the cylinder to do a lot of pressure on the clutch. As the […]

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Ford Taurus Brake Noise – Thumping Thudding Noise?

Reader Question Hey Austin, I stumbled across your website and I thought maybe you could help with something with my car. Any advice would be helpful. I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SES, automatic transmission. I’ve had it for about 3 1/2 years. For the most part its been a great car, I’ve given it […]

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Mitsubishi Galant Front End Shakes When I Apply The Brakes

Reader Question: Austin, I drive a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant with 91,000 miles. When I slow down from a high speed, the front end shakes quite a bit. There is no squealing or grinding associated with stopping, so I’m not convinced it’s worn brakes or rotors, but with 91k miles, i can’t be sure. The only […]

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Brakes Making a Noise – Missing Brake Shims The Problem?

Reader Question: Good Evening Austin, Five months ago had a complete brake job at a dealership and paid over a thousand dollars to have it done along with other so call “due maintenance”. I notice my car was making a noise it wasn’t making before bring it to this dealership, so I called them to […]

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