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2008 Dodge Avenger Overheating

Reader Question I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger and the other day I had to add some antifreeze and I rushing to get on the road and I forgot to put the cap back on and I drove for about 20 minutes. The gauge was higher than normal and I decided to turn around and […]

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Do I Have a Blown Head Gasket?

Hello, I was recently screwed when I bought a 2001 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 (yeah, I know all about the 2.7’s AFTER I bought it). Now, I have little money to get it fixed and my fingers crossed to at least get some insight on the problem. Not long after I bought the car (within 30 […]

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2006 Dodge SLT Truck A/C Not Blowing Enough Air Out Vents

Reader Question To Whom It May Concern: I own a 2006 Dodge Slt 4×4 Megacab pickup truck, and am having an AC issue. My AC is cooling ok however from what i can tell there is a flap held up by a spring that allows the air to blow thru the vents. This flap has […]

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1995 Dodge Caravan Over Heats and I Have to Add Coolant

Reader Question I have a 1995 Dodge Caravan. I have recently rebuilt the transmission due to a leak and then burnt it out, put in a new radiator as it was leaking?, new hot water heater as the car was still over heating and new belts and distributor cap. The fan wasn’t working so a […]

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WindShield Wipers Work On Their Own 1998 Dodge Caravan

Reader Question The front wipers in my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan have that GHOSTING problem were they work whenever they want when off. I replaced the multifunction switch (wiper/directionals), replaced the wiper motor and replaced both relays and still cannot get them to stop doing it.   Hi there, I have seen this once before […]

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1996 Dodge Neon Engine Won’t Start Sometimes

Reader Question I have a 1996 Dodge Neon. It runs fine, no stalling, no issues at all. Then suddenly a couple weeks ago it wouldn’t start on the first try – it turned over but wouldn’t catch. Then I tried right away again and it started fine. It ran fine ever since until yesterday morning. […]

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1996 Dodge Dakota Engine Over Heats

Reader Question My father’s Dodge Dakota 1996 model has been strangely running hot and not losing water, I use it for driving around town (going to work and the local college). First off the radiator’s only a year and a half old so I’ve come to a decision (or rather my dad has) that its […]

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2003 Dodge Neon Automatic Transmission Was Slipping and Leaking Fluid

Reader Question Oh boy. I think I was just taken really bad by a transmission shop. Yesterday, my car was slipping. I was driving and the car kept feeling like it was in neutral. I stopped checked the transmission level and there was next to no fluid. I put some in, in the proper place […]

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2002 Dodge Neon Check Engine Light Code P0420

Reader Question Hi, I have an 02 dodge neon and the engine light is on. The code came up as a p0420 i think, the description was -catalytic converter -engine misfire -large vacuum leak -engine oil leakage into exhast—valve guide seals, piston rings I believe it’s the last one because I have oil in my […]

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2001 Dodge Dakota Noise in 4 Wheel Drive Gear?

Reader Question I have 2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7L Club Cab. The last snow we had I went to use 4 wheel drive and got some grinding from the forward differential. I went to the first garage I could find put it on a lift and checked the fluid. It was about 1/2 quart low. After […]

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