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Honda Launches its New Civic as Early as 2012

The new Civic Honda will be released in early 2012. The Japanese have developed this model five-door car in the face of the European market requirements. A modern and efficient vehicle that will require the best car insurance to supplement it. Drivers, dealers and media rated the level of driving this model, which was presented at the Auto Show Francfourt as […]

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Honda Accord RPM Jumps Up and Down

Reader Question Hello! I have a 1997 Honda Accord LX. I currently have approximately 171, XXX mile. Now the problem that I am having with my car is the RPM gauge jumps up and down while driving around town and on the highway. Once that starts, my car runs crazy. Its like my car “misses” […]

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Honda CRX Engine Miss Fire

Reader Question: Austin, I am very impressed with your knowledge of solutions to car problems we all experience. I have read many of the posts and your answers. I own a 1986 Honda CRX HF (all stock) that I’ve had since new. It currently has 310K miles on it, motor was opened for head gasket […]

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My Car Is Over Heating When I Drive On The Freeway

Reader Question Hi, I was checking your website and its great how you are helping out people like myself with common automotive problems. I need your expert opinion about an overheating problem I am having with my car. Car: Honda Civic 1996 Motor Miles: 130,000 Problem: The car does not overheat in normal driving conditions. […]

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Honda Civic Air Conditioner Not Cold But Full Of Freon?

Reader Question I Have A 1995 Honda Civic EX. I recently was having problems with my air conditioner not blowing cold air, so I took it into a shop specializing in these repairs. They evacuated the system, and topped off the system with oil and r-134a. No leaks either. After a day or so, It […]

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Honda Accord Speedometer Stopped Working

Reader Question Hi Austin: My husband changed my electronic speed sensor on my 1992 Honda Accord LX 4 dr. but my speedometer still does not work. He also changed my brake pads today any connection? It’s been a year since it was not working but I could gauge my speed because it would go to […]

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Honda Civic Oil Pump Failed Now My Engine Is Dead

Reader Question 2003 Honda Civic oil pump failure I hope you can give me some guidance on how to deal with recent car trouble. I brought my 2003 Honda Civic in for inspection on Monday and they told me that it needed a new battery, a new tire, and an oil change. Fine. I paid […]

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Honda Accord Dash Warning Lights Came On All At Once

Reader Question Dear Mr. Austin Davis, First of all, thank you very much for having for the public. I have a Honda Accord 2001. Two days ago, while I was driving up to the hills, I had to stop and go in rush hours. I tried not to use the brake and stepped on […]

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My Gas Mileage Is Not As Good As It Used To Be – Why?

Reader Question Hi, my Honda is only getting between 200-300 km per tank. A few years back it was going near 700 km. I had $600 worth of service done a few months ago. I change the oil every 3 months. Air filter has been changed. New spark plugs. The car is running excellent but […]

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2000 Honda CRV Air Conditioner Not Cold Since Repair

Reader Question I have a 2000 Honda CRV with 235,000 miles and I just got my radiator and thermostat replaced. After I picked up the car, I noticed my A/C did not work… and it worked great while driving to the mechanic to leave the car for repair. Do the repairs have anything to do […]

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