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Changing the Car’s Fuel Filter

Today, the fuel filter is generally made of metal although older models were plastic. The filters vary depending on the make and model of car. The latest have a greater resistance to aggressive pressures and high temperatures. Also it comes with a better design in terms of cover or the support ring, have a mixed stapling, a filter element, a support tube and threaded connection. All these elements give the product durability which increases the usage time of the vehicle.

The importance of changing the fuel filter

It is advisable to replace the fuel filter every 10,000 miles driven, or at least twice a year depending on the make of the car, year and the use we make of the car. Failure to make the fuel filter change with this frequency, the residues that have been held inside the car obstruct the operation of the engine, causing greater cause condensation and oxidation wear thereof and, at worst cases, damage to the fuel pump.

Changing the fuel filter

It is important to always review the manual of the car manufacturer, as there are in the market different types of injection and thus different types of filters. In this way you can know where the filter is located in each vehicle according to the manufacturer.

Before starting the fuel filter change, we must know whether it is an electric pump. If it were so we must place the fuses and take them out. Once done, turn on the car’s engine to consume all the fuel and then turn it off.

If the car has a carburetor system may come integrated filter hoses, in this case will place the new filter. Continue to loosen the clamp that is on the leading end of the filter to the engine, and remove the old filter as quickly as possible to avoid loss of fuel and replace it with the new filter.

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