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Cheap Car Insurance Rate Quotes For People With Bad Driving Records

Reader question:

I have kind of a bad driving record. Is there still a way that I can get a good deal on car insurance?


It’s harder, but there’s a way if you’re willing to try.

The need to shop around for your insurance only increases if you have a bad driving record. While out looking in the market, you’ll probably get a lot of “no”s, and this will make things frustrating for you. There are even some car insurance companies that specialize in offering insurance to higher risk drivers, such as drivers who have filed multiple claims or who have a lot of traffic violations. It’ll be easier to pry a yes out of these folks, but they’ll charge you a lot more for it. So look around before going to one of them.

Keep your car costs low. Driving a cheaper car will help you out on insurance, and avoid buying a new car for awhile. One of the best ways to lower the cost of your insurance is just to cut the amount of coverage you have. If possible, you might want to just take it down to the bare minimum required by law.

Most importantly, remember that your driving failures of the past won’t be with you forever. Because of this, don’t lie about your record, because even if the insurer seems to believe you up front, they have sixty days to investigate you and can cancel your policy anytime within there if they find out you lied. Keep a good record for a couple of years and insurance companies will be happy to have you again.


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    Just to add to that, you can also ask for any discounts they may have for you. If you have safety features on your car, that would surely lower your car insurance cost.