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Cheap car insurance rates for students

How does a student go about getting cheap car insurance rates? Well, to be completely honest, they don’t. None of the rates you’re going to get before you hit the age of twenty-five could really be considered cheap. Being a student costs a heck of a lot already, as well. You probably have student loans looking at you mean, not to mention living costs and books, and you’re probably working while trying to make the grade on top of all that. For some students, it might just be a better idea to do without a car to begin with. No car payments, no car insurance payments. Pretty good, right? And most university towns have some kind of public transportation, and even that won’t be too necessary if you’re living on campus.

But we can’t all forgo cars, and there are ways to make the car insurance experience a less than excruciating one all around. Car insurance companies understand that it’s hard to pay the bills while you’re getting an education, and the rest of us understand that it hard on insurance companies that there are people out there not paying bills to them. So, to make everybody reasonably happy, so that they can get their money from you and you don’t have to give too much of your money to them, there are plenty of ways, some discounts included, to lower your rates extensively. How do you find out if your car insurance company has them, though?

First of all, read your policy. Then call up your company or agent and talk to them. Consider everything about yourself that is particularly awesome. There might be a discount for that. You’d be surprised about what there actually are discounts for.


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