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Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Reader question:

I just got a motorcycle. Does it have to have insurance, like cars do?


It does!

Like cars, most states require that motorcycles be covered with a minimum liability insurance, but I’d advise getting a little more when it comes to insuring your motorcycle. I mean, think about it. Your motorcycle is probably an extra thing that you have, in addition to your car, and you might have had to save up quite a bit to get this thing that you may have been wanting for awhile. Not only that, but motorcycles have a high theft rate. Protect your investment.

When getting insurance, keep the value of your bike in mind. You don’t want to pay more to insure your bike than what it’s actual worth.

As a motorcycle owner, you might be able to get certain discounts:

  • add your bike’s insurance to an existing policy to get cheaper rates
  • add-on some safety features
  • choose more popular manufacturers. The cheaper the parts are to replace, the cheaper your insurance will be.
  • increase the anti-theft safety. Keep your bike in the garage!
  • In the north, can you usually reduce your rates during the winter by getting a ‘lay-up’.
  • join a motorcycle group and get discounts

Enjoy your new bike!

Fashun Guadarrama.

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