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Cheap safety measures for low cost car insurance

Reader question:

What safety measures can I take to keep my insurance low that don’t cost anything?


Well, there are lots of ways that do cost, and a couple that don’t.

Car insurance companies like safe drivers, and if you are a safe driver then they’ll be that much more likely to offer you lower rates on your car insurance premium. So one of the main ways to keep your premium low is to maintain a clean driving record. I know that sounds obvious, but sometimes the most simple things just need to be stated. Don’t speed, and you won’t get a speeding ticket, and in turn you won’t be looking at hiked up prices because of it. Be safe while you’re on the road and practice defensive driving, and you’ll be much less likely to get in an accident and watch your rates jump up.

Another way that you can keep your insurance low is by buckling up. Yeah, you read right. The seatbelt, that little piece of fabric that maybe scratches your neck and chin and annoys, can actually help keep your premiums low. There are some car insurance companies that will give you a discount for using your seatbelt, so buckle up and watch your prices go down!

All in all, being responsible in all aspects of your life, on the road and with your credit included, will keep you in the green with your insurance policy.


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