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Check Engine Light Flashes

Hi, you do a great service.

Bottom line – this car has 110k miles on it and it runs great,. (its my “train” car) I live in upstate NY and the auto inspection system requires that no check engine light be on when doing the emission inspections, if it is, the inspection can not be done or the machine will stop after checking the computer.

Wouldn’t you know that I was due in August and the light came on 2 days before i went to get the sticker. So, it still runs great, great gas mileage and shifts and accelerates great, great ac and heat. The dealer turned off the light and still the machine wouldn’t do the inspection until the computers reset, I was told.

I drove it 50 miles, and they told me to come back right away, leave it running and then they would do the inspection over immediately. They tried , but light reappeared. I left it with them. I only want it to last until July 2011.

I only put 2k miles per year on it going to the train station. They called me after 2 days and told me i need a fuel filler tube, its leaking emissions.

So with the fuel filler tube, labor and diagnosis and inspection it would be 230.00 including tax. I told them to do it. So after 1 month of the car being there, they couldn’t locate part and then got the wrong one, i picked up car and all was well.

New sticker was on and no check engine light on—- until 2 days later, like always. the car still runs great, but now I have a new filler neck and the same light on, But i do have the sticker.

So i will keep driving it until July when the reg expires and then donate it. Was i the receiver of a misdiagnosis? I never went back or called Park Ford about this.  I was just happy to be able to drive this car with a valid sticker.

I figure their mechanics don’t know how to diagnose anything. They probably think they fixed it when i am out $230.00 , lost a month of service from this car, but I do have the sticker. Was I ripped off?

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Sounds like a bad diagnosis but hey you got your sticker. I would probably take it back and get them to check it again, worst case scenario get them to kick in the labor for free and you buy whatever part is still faulty.

It is probably emission system related so they are probably on the right track but you will have a hard time selling or trading the car in with the light on.

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  • phil

    gotta find a county that doesn’t require emmissions, and sell it there! seems like O2 sensors are always what sets the light off