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Check Engine Light On


Hello and thanks for reading my email.

My problem is related to a Honda Accord with 4 cylinder V-Tech with an auto transmission. The check engine light has just come on and the engine does not sound good at all. It has a rough idle and there is a noticeable loss in power and acceleration. When I give it gas while driving the motor vibrates and not in a good way.

Before this occurred I have spent 1200$ on repairs in a 5 week time period. I took it in for a routine oil change and the mechanic showed me that the car was leaking oil from the rear. It turned out to be the rear main seal and I had that replaced.

Not 1 week after, my transmission began to act up and within 2 weeks of getting the oil seal replaced my transmission goes out completely. I have a different mechanic do the rebuild and all seems fine.
That same week after getting my car back my motor begins to overheat, and I take it into a nearby chain to have them figure out what is causing it. Turns out to be a bad radiator hose.

Now it is the following weekend and this has happened to my car. I am at a loss at what to do and really just want to get rid of the car now.

thanks for any help you can provide.


Well hello there Mario

This could be something simple like a bad spark plug wire or spark plug or a vacuum leak under the hood causing a miss. Orrr it could be something much worse like a headgasket or vale problem due to engine overheating.

I would rule out the wires and plugs and vacuum leak first then if you still have a problem have a compression test done to see if there is internal engine damage which might cost more to repair than the car is worth :(

Austin Davis

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