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Check Engine Lights and EGR Valve Code

Hi Austin, The engine light on my dash came on sometime ago.i drove my car to auto zone.they scanned it and said it was a EGR code.Not being really sure where to start i changed the egr valve since i read in another article that egr valves are common to go bad on Ford vehicles it did not fixed the ploblem and the light s still on.What is your advise?what should i try replacing next? thank you Juan

Thanks for the email Juan

An egr code itself can be tricky and misleading. Most of the time the valve is not the culprit. I would check the following:

No vacuum to valve – check under valve too to make sure there is not a restriction in the exhaust port

If this model has an EVP sensor – replace it…the sensor sits on top of the EGR valve

You really need to clear the codes and drive it around until the light comes back on then recheck the codes.

If you are a DYI person….I highly recommend Alldata, you can run this issue down with their easy to use diagnostic data tree. Well worth the $20. they charge for a 1 year subscription to their great service.

Check it out here Auto Repair Manuals


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