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Chevy Blazer Battery Dead

I have a 4wd Chevy Blazer that had the battery light come on and I drove it to work and figured it must be the alternator so I got a new one. The night before I tried to start the jimmy again and it started. Next day I tried starting and no lights or noise.

Battery Reads 12.60 AND AFTER REPLACING ALTERNATOR, NOW NO START even with jumpers. Wondering what it could be. If the new alternator was bad, could that keep it from starting? Thanks for any help.

Hey There Mikey,

A bad battery can also cause the red dashboard light to come on, so get the battery LOAD TESTED first. You probably have a bad battery. Second, check the battery cable connections. Those GM battery bolts are notorious for building up corrosion within the battery cable and between the battery and the battery cable end.

You should not be able to easily move the cable with your bare hands. Use caution around batteries remove rings and necklaces and be careful using metal tools! I have a few scares on my ring fingers!

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    fuse link wire blown aty starter when accidentally sparking main output lead on the alt while replacing!?