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Chevy Camaro Battery Dead – Engine Won’t Start Now

Hello sir,

Ive had three Chevy Camaro’s and never had the problem that my friend is having with his 2001 Pontiac trans am… the battery and alternator are good.

The only thing that i could think of is that it could be the starter but it has not given me any reason to think so… we tap it and it doesn’t help and it doesn’t make the clicking noise. The car just cut out one day and wouldn’t start back until we ” jump started” it. We now have reason to believe that if could be a fuse or somewhere in the wiring could be split. It would be really appreciated if you could help me.
Thank you

Hey Jimmy,

If the battery is dead and jump starting DID start the engine .then you either have a bad battery or the alternator did not recharge the battery. If a fuse or a wiring problem was the cause .jump starting would not have an effect .right? jump starting does not make a blown fuse good again, and jump starting does not repair shorted wires jump starting gives power to a dead battery.

So, have the battery load tested and get the alternator output checked as well. Also, TRIPLE check your battery cable connections, GM battery bolts are notorious for building up corrosion within the cable and in between the cable and the battery.

Austin Davis

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