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Chevy Dies While Idling

I have a Chevrolet Trailblazer with 80000 plus miles. Recently my Trailblazer would shut off completely while idling before it shuts off it makes a sound like the something is trying to shift out none of the warning lights come on. Can you give me some suggestions?

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Have you been able to duplicate the problem for a mechanic? I think the one thing I would want to look at would be the throttle body and the idle speed control motor.

Those components become dirty with carbon, and periodic cleaning of them should be part of regular maintenance. Usually the symptom of a problem with these items is idle surging while sitting at a light, usually worse with the engine temperature is warm, and when it is dirty enough the idle will drop down low enough to kill the engine. In most case the engine restarts with no problem.

Checking those components is easy and cheap to perform, so you might want to talk to your mechanic and see if they think it is a good idea to check/clean those components.


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    Just to let you know, I had this problem exactly as you describe, oddly enough it started acting up after changing the battery soon after I bought the car. It would idle ok mostly unless there was an electrical load; even turning on the fan would make it shudder, rev and eventually die. GM has a TSB on this (#3116 I believe). There was a large buildup of carbon residue in the throttle assembly around the valve that was making it stick. Cleaning that out with some cab cleaner fixed it. Runs perfectly now.