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Chevy S10 2.2L Engine Will Not Start

hello i have a problem my friend has a Chevy S10 with a 2.2L engine, Auto Tran, the engine wont start, it turn over but wont fire, but when i open the Throttle body all the way open than try and crank it, it will back fire out the throttle body, i check the Fuel Pump its getting fuel, check the spark it getting that, what would cuz it to back fire out the Throttle body, the Igintion timing or Timing chain,

thank you for your time hope you can help Otis

Yo Otis,

If you have backfire/exhaust coming back up through the throttle body you have:

ignition timing off timing chain problem or distributor set wrong

problem in the cylinder heads valve bent head gasket issue etc. etc. check compression to verify

firing order is off double check the spark plug wire installation, you might have them crossed or not on the rights plugs or distributor end caps.


Austin Davis

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  • Paul

    hey if you still did not fix the problem, change over your coil packs and the ICM behind it.. the coil packs are located in the wheel well on the pass side. i had the same problem and it took me for ever.. 9 times out of 10 it is the ignition controll mod. when the coil packs go bad it more or less means the icm is fried… pending on the year you pry dont have a timing issue. thats more old school. u have a computer problem / electrical. basically it started fine 1 day the next it just cranks.. computer feeds….. u can pick the coil packs up for 50.00 a piece and icm for about 125.00