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Chevy S10 Blazer Engine Runs Bad and Jerks On Acceleration

My name is Paul and i have a 1992 chevy S-10 blazer 5spd with 167k. Latelt i’ve noticed that it runs really poor as if there is something wrong with the engine or transmission. It runs really poor going over hills and jerks during acceleration. Its getting very little power to the wheels. Do i need a new clutch, new/rebuilt transmission, engine/engine tune up or just sell this damn thing. Also how much does it typically cost to rebuild the tranny?
Thanks Paul,

Hey there Paul

First thing I would try would be to replace the spark plugs AND the spark plug wires. Worn out spark plug wires will produce the symptoms you describe, and sometimes will trick the driver into thinking there is a transmission problem .when really there is an engine misfire. If the plugs and wires have more than 50,000 miles on them ..I would replace them regardless as part of maintenance.


Austin Davis

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