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Chevy Truck Won’t Start Sometimes

Hello Austin

I have a Chevy S10, 2.5 ltr, 4 cyl, std, with approx 300,000 kms on it. I am told the engine was rebuilt approx 100,000 kms ago.

When I first drive the truck everything is fine. Point A to point B is usually fine. However, if I go out to run errands and park the truck (engine off) a couple times within a approx 10 min intervals the truck has trouble starting after the 3rd or 4th start up.

Sometimes it will start right away and then seconds later die out, sometimes it will take many attempts to start the engine then it again dies out, or some times I will get it started but it will sputter and die unless I keep the engine rev’d, then as I am driving sometimes it will continue to sputter till it dies out completely or sometimes it will be fine again.

If I leave the truck for a couple hours and then try to drive it, there are absolutely no problems and everything is fine again. Spark looks good, appears to be getting fuel, but it’s hard to tell cause this problem only comes up when in the most awkward times such as in traffic or in a busy parking lot. As it dies out the truck smells of gas, so I assume it’s not a gas or fuel pump problem, but I really don’t know anymore.

Please help, I can not figure this problem out. I have replaced the battery, sparks, spark wires, starter, ignition module, distributor, cap and rotor, alternator, and lastly the heater core cause it started leaking everywhere. I have tried everything that I have been told could be causing this problem. Do you have any suggestions? This has been an on going battle for over a year now.

Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. thank you


Hi Dane,

These trucks are notorious for faulty fuel pumps, and your situation does sound like a weak fuel pump to me. Sometimes you can bang on the bottom of the fuel tank AS someone is cranking the engine over, and it will jump start a weak pump. You might try that next time it gives you trouble. If the pump has not been changed since you have owned it, you might want to consider replacing it anyway, its cheap, and you have replaced just about everything else I would suggest you try.

Its pretty easy to remove the bed mounting bolts and slide the truck bed back just enough so you can remove the fuel pump from the tank. It s much easier and safer than removing the fuel tank. I would replace the fuel filter and the fuel pump screen .and use a A/C Delco pump. The heater core, you can bypass with a simple hose connector for a cheap and fast repair .of course you wont have a heater!!

Austin Davis

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  • Bill

    HAve 2002 S10 and have similar problems, but only when engine cold. In order to slide bed, to change fuel pump, what about wires? What do I do with them so I don’t break them? Is there a way to disconnect at the cab? Thanks Bill.