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Choosing the Color for your Car

When we plan to buy a car you look at certain criteria of choice. First, we consider the model that we like in terms of aesthetics, shape, interior, performance, comfort or safety.

However, after choosing the model and features, it’s time to make a decision about the color that we want for our vehicle.

According to a study by the University of Auckland, New Zealand, the color of the vehicle determines the visibility of other drivers driving around our car. The vehicles that are more prone to accidents are, in order, brown, black and green.

On the opposite side of the scale are gray vehicles, which are the least likely to be involved in an accident. Apparently, and according to the study, the silver tint reduces up to 50% risk of having an accident when compared with cars painted white, blue or red.

The light colors provide greater visibility to the vehicle, contrary to what happens with the darker colors. And on the road we must take into account that the greater visibility, reduced risk of accident. In general, smaller cars tend to use more vivid colors, while owners of large vehicles usually opt for darker shades. The high-end cars, however, often have bright colors.

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